A Case That “Fell Through The Cracks” Rises Internationally – Dara Carlin

Examiner Columnist Dara Carlin writes in response to this crisis:

Hope that the following pleas will be fulfilled

  1. Immediate medicine for Ariana-Leilani (a G-CSF) shot administered 3-5 times a week
  2. Treatment by a Severe Chronic Neutropenia Specialist
  3. A full independent medical exam (that the German government and SCNIR have all have requested for 3 years now)


One thought on “A Case That “Fell Through The Cracks” Rises Internationally – Dara Carlin

  1. This is probably nothing to do with your medical problem but in recent history there have been even Presidential apologies for medical interventions (brainwashing actually) that were not in the interests of the patient but the Nation….arguably saving lives. Clinton apologised over MK Ultra brainwashing, hoping to put that to bed, but Monarch Programming has continued Mengele’s legacy. I know, I met the man whilst researching Monarch Programming…google those two words and Tim Baber. Trouble is such can be subverted for killing, or crime, and then there is a survival of the fittest demand for fresh sacrifices. Well, what I know is here http://web.mac.com/beachhutman
    or just google Tim baber and Monarch Programming. It probably is not relevant in this case, but when you get nowhere, and no one wants to comment. you are in that sort of world. Tim Baber

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