Kat’s Neutropenia Blog

Kat is a blogger who has neutropenia.  She tell of her experiences, and the difficulties it brings.

Here is an excerpt of her most recent entry:

If these posts help someone out there-you-then, that’s good. That is good enough for me. So, I get over that quickly. My pain meds-which includes acetaminophen-has not been taking care of my fevers. So, my daily fever-with the meds-is between 99 and 100. Never enough to go to the doctor, but enough to make you feel like crap. I guess they would be higher without the meds. I have been noticing more bruises on my body the last couple days. Ugh. Bruises on legs and stomach for no apparent reason. The bruises on my legs have always happened-but there are a few more than normal and the stomach is new. And those hurt.

Foto de un campo 10x de un frote sanguíneo mos...

Read more of her blog at:  http://myjourneywithneutropenia.blogspot.ca/

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