SCN Kids Camp Filled with Fun Activities

The National Neutropenia Network has announced that Kids Camp 2012 is set for Saturday July 14. “We are fortunate to have the enthusiasm and commitment of the terrific Child Life staff at Phoenix Children’s Hospital,” Lee Reeves said. “They understand the needs of our children and will plan a day of fun and learning in a safe and upbeat environment where children will have plenty to do.”

Hat-making and brick decorating were two of the most popular activities during SCN Camp for Kids 2011.

The group of about 18 children ranging in age from 4-12 kept busy throughout the morning and afternoon with a full schedule of activities that included making “bone marrow snacks,” drawing pictures of what having neutropenia means to them, and learning about laughter Yoga. Children also practiced proper hand washing and learned about how blood is manufactured in the body. Jessica Doletzky BS, CTRS and Marianna Loiselle, BS, CCLS, from CS Mott Children’s Hospital led the children in several activities along with a team of volunteers.

Comments from the children included: “Neutropenia affects me and my family because we have to go to the hospital a lot for my sister. My family has to take a lot of safety precautions more than others because of neutropenia.” 

“I have a lot of shots. I used to have to take one every other day, now I take one every day.” 

“We should always wash our hands when we start to eat and we should use a paper towel to open the doors. We should cover our mouth when we have a cough.” 

“If someone gets sick, we might get sick too. If you don’t have any white blood cells you might get sick and you might get dead, so we should wash our hands.” 

“Neutropenia affects me because we can’t spend as much time as a family.” 

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