St. Petersburg Russia Shows International Support for Ariana-Leilani to Receive Life Saving Medicine

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ariana-Leilani Coalition

The people of St. Petersburg, Russian, took up the fight to help save Little Peace Ambassador Ariana-Leilani for the United Nations International day of prevention of violence and abuse against children and youth (19 November)

With The National Alexander Theater as a backdrop on Nevsky street, the people of St. Petersburg formed international bonds of humanity and compassion with  9-year old Ariana-Leilani to show their support for Ariana-Leilani, who was thousands of miles away in Washington, DC.   Ariana-Leilani continues to be denied life-saving medicine and  treatment for her life-threatening very rare blood and bone marrow disease, Severe Chronic Neutropenia.

As the line grew for more to leave their messages and pictures of support, the  beautiful city  square, overcast with clouds, raining on this cold winter day, was filled with the compassion, humanity, well-wishes and pictures from shoppers, tourists, workers, children, and families.  They each placed over a  hundred messages of humanity, compassion, support and love that filled the squares on the banner for Ariana-Leilani.

The event was sponsored by International Youth for Human Rights Russia and the Ariana-Leilani Children’s Foundation International with the permission and support of the local Russian Government. Both organizations educate about human rights. The international youth for human rights volunteers gave out flyers on the Human Right Number 1: “The Right to Life”, along with the 30 human rights of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Join them, sign the petition today:


(click to sign the petition)

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