Just Because the USA Treats Germany as “Third Class Partner,” 10 Year Old Ariana-Leilani Should Not Suffer


Instead of Wiretapping Germans, Try Saving a German Child’s Life

Der Spiegel reports indicate that NSA documents provided by Edward Snowden the USA taps into a half billion German phone conversations a month. The USA places Germany on the same suspicion level, a “third class partner,” as China, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.   Now Germans Don’t Trust Obama (and the USA) for good reason.

Ariana-Leilani is a dual citizen German-American child living Washington DC.   Why is she being treated as a medical experiment, as a  “third class” person, being denied her right to life saving GCSF medicine and an independent medical and psychological examination?   The USA ignored the German Embassy’s plea to help her.

Ariana-Leilani should not suffer because of USA discrimination against her and Germany.   Please show your support for getting Ariana-Leilani the help she needs, NOW!  Sign her petition:



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