Uncovering That USA Leads World In Child Sexual Predators (Day 5 of 19 Days of Activism)

Terre des Hommes, a Dutch charity that aims to expose and end “webcam child sex tourism,” lured tens of thousands of men from around the world to a website where they asked a lifelike, computer-generated 10-year-old Filipino girl named Sweetie to perform sex acts for money.

The charity, Terre des Hommes, said about 20,000 people — most of them men — “made approaches to the virtual girl” over a 10-week period from April to June. Terre des Hommes says it was able to identify 999 men and 1 woman from among those who came to its sting site and has given Interpol its information about those people. The 1,000 come from 71 different nations, the organization says. Of the 1000 identified,  “254 were from the U.S., followed by 110 from the U.K. and 103 from India.”

No doubt many are from the Washington DC area of the USA.   Washington DC is a hornets nest of child sexual predators in part because of the concentration of social misfits who are drawn to the power and intelligence communities, and the inept Child and Family Services of the DC Government, and the “look the other way” attitude of the DC Public School System towards intrafamily child abuse.   Ariana-Leilani is a victim of such predation.   Washington DC is the home of the Franklin Scandal.

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