#weneeddiversebooks Buy a Children’s Book, Help Heal a Child — “The Day the Sun Promised to Smile FOREVER!,” (Day 12 of 19 Days of Activism)

The Day the Sun Promised to Smile Forever for Ariana-Leilani

Get a Great Children’s Book for the children in your life, and help heal a child.  “The Day the Sun Promised to Smile FOREVER!,” tells the story of the Sun who forgets why he is so important for others, and only finds out when he encounters Little Leilani.   After going to the North, South, East and West, to look for a place to rest, the Sun finally joined the children at the Big Sun Dance Festival. The storyteller gathered everybody for a special story about a special girl called “Leilani”. Sadly Leilani is unwell and the one thing that makes her feel better is waking up in the morning to look at the big bright yellow Sun. The Sun was very sad to hear about the story of Leilani and promised to smile FOREVER and NEVER to be grumpy again. So that when Leilani and other little boys and girls feel sad or unwell, they can look at the big bright yellow Sun and know that the angels are there watching over them!

The book is beautifully illustrated by Conny Hermann, with the words of poetry by Dumi Senda.

Sales of the book go to benefit the children’s camps of Innocence in Danger.  Innocence in Danger (IID) is one of the largest privately funded non-governmental organisations (NGO) in the world. With a presence in six countries – Switzerland, France, Germany, the USA, the UK and Colombia – IID provides legal, medical and social services to victims and their parents. In addition, IID concentrates on fostering real political change and awareness through its many advocacy and lobbying activities.

Order online today: “The Day the Sun Promised to Smile FOREVER!”   Also available in German.*

Dedicated to Ariana-Leilani, by Dumi Senda and Conny Hermann, for the Benefit of Innocense in Danger Children’s Camps.

You can be the “Sun” for Ariana-Leilani to help make her better by signing her petition, today:


Der Tag an dem die Sonne versprach für IMMER zu lachen- Fur Ariana-Leilani

Innocence In Danger Switzerland

Dumi Senda / Conny Herrmann

Die Sonne war nie zu einem Lachen aufgelegt. Jedes Mal, wenn es Zeit war aufzugehen, beschwerte sie sich…: Fur Ariana-Leilani

Nachdem sie im Norden, Süden, Osten und Westen einen Platz zum Ausruhen suchte, traff die Sonne schließlich die Kinder im Big Sun Dance Festival. Der Erzähler versammelt alle für eine besondere Geschichte über ein besonderes Mädchen namens “Leilani”. Leider Leilani fühlt sich nicht wohl und die eine Sache, die ihr hilft sich besser zu fühlen, ist beim Aufwachen am Morgen auf die große helle gelbe Sonne zu schauen. Die Sonne war sehr traurig über die Geschichte von Leilani und versprach, IMMER zu lächeln und NIE wieder mürrisch zu sein. So dass, wenn Leilani und andere kleine Jungen und Mädchen traurig sind oder sich unwohl fühlen, können sie rauf zur großen leuchtend gelben Sonne schauen und wissen, dass die Engel da sind und über sie wachen!

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