Happy Valentines Day: Dance Upon My Heart



Please sign the petition to save Ariana-Leilani today!


Dance upon my heart,
with each rhythmic beat,

Little “Ariana-Leilani my darling,
those nimble feet;

Blow upon my face,
with each breath you exhale,

Refreshing my spirit daily without fail………

Sent from the cosmos,
the Divine will to speak,

of childhood injustices of others so weak.

Power of prayer,
Divine destiny calls,

uniting the generations from the ancestoral hall.

Pain, Prayer,
power and Praise!

Eternal, global,
this little ” Ambassador” is raised,

What Divine appointment
this matriarchal tree,

Not just about
Ariana-Leiaini and me.

HalleluYah! Praises we sing,

Mother and Father link chain
in the universal ring;

HalleluYah! ring-ting-a-ling,

Cosmic HalleluYahs
peace and healing they bring!

– Yishibah  2010 (United Kingdom)

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