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Ariana-Leilani  King-Pfeiffer is a fourteen year old Jewish dual citizen German-American girl of Gullah/Geechee descent, who is currently trapped in Diplomatic Triangle in Washington DC (USA) and is being criminally  abused, and denied life saving medicine neupogen (which is available to her for free), a full toxicology exam,  specialized medical and psychological care.  As a result of Diplomatic issues and protections, both the US and German Governments for 9 years have failed to take action to protect her from known life-threatening abuse and neglect. As one physician said, “It shocks that conscious that this still continues.”

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu
All children have the right to life
Nobel peace prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Ariana-Leilani (2008)

She is suffering from 9 years of abuse and neglect that includes

untreated Severe Chronic Neutropenia (SCN).  This is a very rare (1-2 people per million) potentially fatal condition of a broken immune system that  cannot fight off potentially fatal infections.    Doctors often underestimate SCN’s risks and dangers — causing children to die while under their care.   [Read the story below about one child  who died even when under a doctor’s care who failed to recognize the fatal infection resulting from SCN.]    Ariana-Leilani is so sick that she has been placed on the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (SCNIR) by experts who have become familiar with her case in the USA and Germany.

Ariana-Leilani is being denied the regular administration of crucial medicine (“neupogen” aka G-CSF) that would help her immune system to work properly.   Without it, Ariana-Leilani is at risk of fatal infection, that can include toxic shock, loss of limbs or loss of life — because the normal warning signs of infection are often not present with SCN.    Even though her doctor at Medstar Health System has been warned by experts that she could die from her condition if left untreated, he continues to fail to properly treat her,  and she is cut off from a full independent medical and psychological evaluation by physicians who have the knowledge and experience in this rare condition, as requested by the German government.   The DC Medical Board refuses to take action against this doctor because that board is effectively controlled by his employer, Medstar Health.

Learn More: Watch the Video, and read the reference documents.

                           Let 13 year old Ariana-Leilani know that she is not alone…. 

Sign the Petition to Save Ariana-Leilani.


*The USA is the ONLY country in the world that has signed, but has not ratified (put in law) the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC).   The UN CRC, provides children from 194 country’s basic human rights, including the right to life, the right to treatment, the right to be protected from abuse and neglect, the right to be heard, the right to medical and psychological care, and the right to the highest attainable health.

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