Read these documents to learn about more Ariana-Leilani’s very rare life-threatening, but treatable blood disorder, Severe Chronic Neutropenia condition

1: Letters  from Parents and People with Severe Chronic Neutropenia, who Support Ariana-Leilani’s right to medicine (neupogen) and expert medical care

a. T.B.’s Letter, 10 years SCN, no treatment, now gets neupogen, of Support for Ariana-Leilani to Get Life Saving G-GCSF (Neupogen)

b. A Letter by G. and T. L. with child with SCN and neupogen treatment, support for neupogen for Ariana-Leilani

c. Parent with child with SCN,  Letter of Support for Ariana-Leilani to Get Life Saving G-CSF called neupogen

d. A mother of a SCN child,  Appeal to Ariana-Leilani’s Father, Michael H Pfeiffer,  to give his child stop denial of neupogen and expert medical care to avoid her death

2: Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (SCNIR) the World Experts (Co-Directors prof. Dr. Kalr Welte in Germany and Prof. David Dale in US, Letters of support for Ariana-Leilani to receive immediate neupogen and expert medical care to avoid the consequences of UNTREATED Severe Chronic Neutropenia of “toxic shock, loss of limbs or loss of life” as written in letter below by Prof. Dr. Dale

e. Letter Professor Dr. David Dale (SCNIR-USA) to US State Department and the German Embassy

f. Letter Professor Dr. Karl Welte (SCNIR-Germany)

g. Letter of Prof. Dr. Karl Welte February 24, 2012

h. Letter of Prof. Dr. Karl Welte November 2012

i. Severe Chronic Neutropenia Handbook

j. Physician Presentations from the NNN 2011 Neutropenia Family Conference

3: German Embassy (USA) request to US State Department to help them to help their German citizen, whose German father is denying her medicine and medical care, to bypass the father to save Ariana-Leilani

k. German Embassy (in USA) Letter to USA State Department

l. Avalon Bayreuth letter to German Embassy about Child abuse of Ariana-Leilani

m. Germany Charges against Michael Herbert Pfeiffer of Sexual abuse of Children and Bodily Harm 

Germany Psychiatrist Dr. Hildebrandt  Assessment of parents, Pfeiffer anti-social pedophilia

4: German Government and Organizations request for intervention to save the life of Ariana-Leilani

 o. Congressman Christopher Van Hollen,  DC child Protection Services letter for Ariana-Leilani

p. Representative Brian Feldman, DC Child Protection Services, letter for Ariana-Leilani

q. Justice for Children letter to DC child Protection Services, Mandated reporter letter

r. Dr. Joyana Silberg, Child Trauma Expert, Mandated reporter letter

s. Dr. Lee Schneyer letter for evaluation of child abuse / incest of Ariana-Leilani

t. Victims Rights Foundation letter to DC Child Protective Services 

5. Kenneth Samet, CEO and President of Medstar Health (incl. Georgetown Medical Center)

u. Dr Ariel King letter with proof to Mr. Samet about Ariana-Leilani denial of care – March 2013

v. Kenneth Samet, CEO and President of Medstar Health response to Dr. King about investigation into non-treatment and medical investigations for Ariana-Leilani– March 2013

w. Dr. King’s letter to Kenneth Samet, CEO and President of Medstar Health about Medical Officer assignment from Georgetown Conflict of Interest 

 x. Letter from Dr. Lisa m Boyle, Chief Medical Officer, and Senior Vice President or Medstar Health about investigation into denial of medicine and treatment, for Ariana-Leilani

y. King updated letter to CEO Ken Samet about misleading letter and investigation

4: United Nations Human Rights Commission – Highest Standard of Attainable Health

z. Coalition Comments to United Nations, January 6, 2012 Committee on Children’s Right to Health

aa. Coalition Comments to United Nations, Human Rights Committee on Highest Standard of Attainable health, October 2012

5: Websites for more information

bb. National Neutropenia Network (NNN)
cc. Physician Presentations from the NNN 2011 Neutropenia Family Conference
dd. Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (USA)
ee. Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (Germany)
ff. Neutrophils: Defenders from Infection
gg. Innocense in Danger

6: Communications with Washington DC Government and DC Mayor Vince Gray

hh. 2011 Letter to Mayor Vince Gray Asking for His Assistance in Saving Ariana-Leilani


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