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Out of concern for Ariana-Leilani, in January 2011 Dr. Dale wrote a  letter to the US State Department and the German Embassy urging that immediate action be taken to avoid unnecessary risk to Ariana-Leilani.    Dr. Dale is a co-director of the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry, and an international leader in the field of diagnosis and treatment of this rare condition.   Dr. Dale has found there is a large misunderstanding of the medical community — leading to mistreatment and misdiagnosis.     The hidden dangers of SCN are explained in his January 2011 letter — namely, the “normal” symptoms of infection often do not appear and, thus, do not warn that fatal infection quickly spreading within the SCN sufferer’s body.

Here is a video produced by SCNIR to educate the medical community and others on this rare condition.

Neutrophils: Defenders from Infection from Audrey Anna Bolyard on Vimeo.

Dr. David C. Dale’s talk on Severe Chronic Neutropenia in February 2011 at the University of Washington.

Mayo Clinic on Severe Chronic Neutropenia

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