About Gloria Mika

Gloria Mika, supermodel. Flight of the Guardian Angel of Democracy

With her slender 6ft 2in frame, beauty, elegance and intelligence, the Greco-Gabonese model Gloria Mika, icon of the couturiers and designers of luxury beauty products and muse of famous musicians, has just seen her fame take a quantum leap.

Model – Human Rights Advocate (Greek-Gabonese)

Founder of “School Up”, a global initiative which aims to promote Global Education and give students the opportunity to have their say and advocate for educational programs leading to the development of a global consciousness and a more responsible global citizenship.

She is also the founder of “The Guardian Angels” (Les Anges Gardiens du Gabon) a citizen watch initiative which aimed to foster a culture of citizenship and empower civil society to be key actors promoting peace while monitoring elections. She fought for a free & fair transitional electoral process in Gabon in 2009 before the son of former President Omar Bongo Ondimba takes over through an electoral coup.

Gloria is an active member of ADYNE, a platform in the making, dedicated to the development of an official network that shall enable us to represent the interest of the African Diaspora Youth living in Europe and work on strategies to strengthen the development of a constructive dialogue between European and African societies.

Learn more at: http://www.facebook.com/GloriaMikaOfficialPage

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