Death by Common Infection

Case study I: A child, like Ariana-Leilani, had Severe Chronic Neutropenia (severely low immunity).  That made that child vulnerable to infection.  For years, the child was denied regular treatments of GCSF to boost her immunity,   Experts urged such treatments, but they were still denied.  After cutting her foot, the child quickly died of infection.  Don’t let this happen to Ariana-Leilani.  Please sign her petition.


** Sign the Online Petition Now – Save Ariana-Leilani (click this link) ***

Case Study II: Leading Hospital Misses Infection, Child dies of infection on return visit to hospital within three days.    The healthy 11 year old boy who had a scrape from sports and died of Sepsis days later

Case III:  Another child who died in the ER at 3 years old from Sepsis when doctors missed the warning signs of deadly infection.

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