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Short Video Documentary “Small Cries”; A DC American Tragedy

The Save Ariana-Leilani Coalition is pleased to announce the world wide release of the video documentary “Small Cries.”    The six minute documentary tells the story of how the “child protection” systems in the United States are failing, and how Ariana-Leilani is a victim of that failure.  This short and compelling documentary features exclusive interviews, including an interview with Dr. Joy Silberg, who speaks of the error in judgment that many child protective services make in certain abuse and neglect cases.   Very educational and inspiring, and Ireneo Namboka, an international human rights advocate and former UN official.

Definitely a “two thumbs up” “must see” documentary.

Watch the video, sign the petition, save a life:

Documentary “Small Cries;” The Real Ariana-Leilani Story

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The Group of Women Ambassadors to the United Nations in Geneva: The Power of Empowered Women February 26, 2013

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Inspiring women from around the world including political, government and business leaders, journalists, human rights activists and a Nobelaureate engage in a global conversation at this high level event during the 220d Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

It is Ariana-Leilani’s human right to live.  Support her right.