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Short Video Documentary “Small Cries”; A DC American Tragedy

The Save Ariana-Leilani Coalition is pleased to announce the world wide release of the video documentary “Small Cries.”    The six minute documentary tells the story of how the “child protection” systems in the United States are failing, and how Ariana-Leilani is a victim of that failure.  This short and compelling documentary features exclusive interviews, including an interview with Dr. Joy Silberg, who speaks of the error in judgment that many child protective services make in certain abuse and neglect cases.   Very educational and inspiring, and Ireneo Namboka, an international human rights advocate and former UN official.

Definitely a “two thumbs up” “must see” documentary.

Watch the video, sign the petition, save a life:

Documentary “Small Cries;” The Real Ariana-Leilani Story

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6000 Arizona Child Abuse Reports Botched; Children Left Vulnerable

Ariana-Leilani 1Over the past four years, a team at Arizona’s Child Protective Services agency improperly designated the 6,000 cases “N.I.” — meaning “Not Investigated” — to help manage their heavy workload and focus on the most severe cases, said Clarence Carter, chief of the state’s child welfare system. At least 125 cases already have been identified in which children later were alleged to have been abused.

The sad part is that no one has been disciplined.   Similar to a practice common to areas like the District of Columbia Child and Family Services, “The practice of misclassifying the cases and essentially closing them started in 2009, and rapidly escalated in the past 20 months as caseloads increased, Carter said.

Arizona has struggled in recent years with an increase in child abuse reports, a growing number of children in foster care, and turnover of child welfare workers. It also has been criticized by families who lost children, including relatives of a 5-year-old girl who police in a Phoenix suburb said was killed by her mother despite previous abuse reports.

The hotline problems were exposed after two police agencies inquired about the status of two abuse cases. Both cases had been marked N.I., McKay said. Further investigation found the practice was widespread. The problems were blamed on a special unit that reviewed incoming hotline reports and decided, like a triage team, which ones were most serious. Normally, incoming reports from police, family, doctors or neighbors would be sent to field offices for investigation, McKay said. But the specialized unit was reviewing them first and wrongly classifying some.

‘Cover-up’ over VIPs who abuse children in care POLICE chiefs are turning a blind eye to members of the Establishment abusing children in care (Day 9 of 19 Days of Activism)

Dome, United States Capitol, Washington D. C.

From London to Washington DC, Child Protective Services agencies have unofficial policies to cover up child abuse by VIPs.   In London, a whistleblower said he was warned by his superiors not to investigate suspected paedophiles, including a senior politician and a judge.  He said the justice system was “corrupt” and “rotten to the core” and told how vulnerable boys and girls as young as nine were plied with heroin and raped by rich and powerful men.  “There is a massive cover-­up going on and those who are abusing children are being protected by the powers that be.

He said that “When I was investigating abuse at low levels, street prostitution, everything was fine but as soon as the evidence started taking me to a higher level, I was told to wind my neck in and not go any further.  Among the names given to me by abuse victims were a former Cabinet minister and a judge who had been handing paedophiles soft sentences. I was warned by a senior officer to back off and it has to be because the clients of these children were very well-­connected people.”

“Trying to secure a charge of procuring a child for prostitution is no good because you are asking the child to give evidence against their boyfriend, dealer, employer and they are not going to do it.

Ariana-Leilani is a victim a similar coverup by Washington DC Child and Family Services, the DC Public School System and Medstar Health’s Georgetown University Hospital.   It is unfortunate that children of the District of Columbia must suffer to accommodate the sick perversions of those in power in the US Nation’s capital — and the officials in charge cover it up.  No doubt, to protect its politicians who abuse children is a major reason the United States is the only developed country that has failed to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Help fight this coverup in the United States, sign the petition to save 10 year old Ariana-Leilani.

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Silent Tears: Sexual Abuse of Children is Ten Times the Rate of Cancer

Silent Tears from Palladian Group

A recent Silent Tears Study done in South Carolina points out that:

  • One in four girls is affected by sexual abuse, one in six boys are affected, criminal sexual abuse is preventable, victims are 2 to 3 more likely to have alcohol abuse problems,
  • Child sexual abuse by relatives, including parents, is no less harmful than that by non-relatives.    However, Child Protective Services across the country discount relatives as suspected abusers.
  • The primary reason that the public is not sufficiently aware of child sexual abuse as a problem is that 73% of child victims do not tell anyone about the abuse for at least a year. 45% of victims do not tell anyone for at least 5 years. Some never disclose.
  • Children who are sexually abused are at significantly greater risk for later posttraumatic stress and other anxiety symptoms, depression
  • These psychological problems can lead to significant disruptions in normal development and often have a lasting impact, leading to dysfunction and distress well into adulthood,
  • Sexually abused children tended to perform lower on psychometric tests measuring cognitive ability, academic achievement, and memory assessments when compared to same-age non-sexually abused cohorts.
  • Sex offenders often have multiple victims. In a study of 561 sex offenders, the men in the study accounted for the sexual abuse of 195,000 children.
  • The chance of getting caught for sexually abusing a child is as low as 3%.
  • Many sex offenders carefully groom their victims and the families of their victims in an effort to gain the trust of the child and the family.
  • Even Governor Haley of South Carolina and Oprah Winfrey were victims of abuse.   “It doesn’t matter your background, it doesn’t matter your education, it doesn’t matter the wealth of your family,” Haley said. “Every child is subject to child abuse. And it was a day-care provider that was taking care of me.”

Help save 10 year old Ariana-Leilani from abuse and neglect in Washington DC:


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Children the world over are neglected and abused in silence.

Children the world over are neglected and abused in silence.

In the case of Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer, a ten-year-old dual German-American citizen, the child’s father is denying her access to medication for the rare and life-threatening condition Severe Chronic Neutropenia (SCN). Yet the circumstances of her abuse go much deeper.

On Sept. 11 her dire circumstances were discussed during the appropriately titled “Saving Ariana-Leilani—when all USA Protection Systems Failed” on the blog talk radio show “Missing and Exploited” hosted by sex-trafficking advocate Glendine Grant.

“Together we are going to fight this,” Grant said at the start of the show.

Those involved in the discussion included Dr. Ariel King, Ariana-Leilani’s mother; Connie Valentine, co-founder of California Protective Parents Association; Jessica Burnham, media consultant for the Save Ariana-Leilani Coalition; Dara Carlin, president of Breaking the Silence; Roy Morris, pro bono public interest and human rights attorney; and the courageous mother of a 3-year-old son with Severe Chronic Neutropenia who we will be calling “Amanda” for the sake of anonymity.

“I am very grateful to speak, not just about my daughter Ariana-Leilani, but all children who find themselves in a Bermuda Triangle, of not getting whatever they need to survive and live,” King said.

She proceeded to explain that SCN, the condition her daughter has along with only one in one million others worldwide, can be acquired through chemotherapy treatment, from a viral infection, an autoimmune response and some individuals are born with the condition.

However, Ariana-Leilani showed no signs of illness until age five, when she began to have constant colds, flus, and runny noses.

“With some prompting from some physicians who reported her issue to Child Protective Services, Child Protective Services then demanded that she be taken to a hematologist/oncologist,” King said.

Within one year she had full testing, minus a toxicology exam or urinalyses, which she has still not received despite countless requests. After undergoing a bone marrow aspiration it was clear that her body was not producing neutrophils, which are what fight everyday infections.

In fact, her body was actively destroying her neutrophils. This usually only occurs if someone has undergone chemotherapy, had an autoimmune response, or contracted HIV/AIDS. To date, these possibilities have been ruled out in the case of Ariana-Leilani.

Based on Ariana-Leilani’s medical records Dr. Karl H. Welte, Co-director of the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (SCNIR) believes her condition has likely been “induced by toxic agents”—meaning someone is purposely introducing harmful drugs into the child’s system.

Read more at: http://saveariana.tumblr.com/post/32892494388/saving-ariana-leilani


Learn More at: Innocense in Danger