Panel Interview On Ariana-Leilani’s Cause

Betty Makoni

Tonight, Betty Makoni interviewed Ariana-Leilani’s Mother, Homayra Sellier of Innocense in Danger, Ms. Amanda, Mother of a Child with Neutropenia, Jessica Burnham, Publicity, and Roy Morris, Public Interest Attorney, regarding the effort to get life saving help for Ariana-Leilani, and childrens rights in America.

Ms Makoni is a multi-global award winner, renowned poet, speaker, gender activist, and advocate for girls and women worldwide. She is one of the first African women to be honoured by the United Nations, Women World Summit, Ashoka, Afrikan Goddess Award, Amnesty International and many high profile international organisations for Excellency, Innovation and Creativity in girls empowerment.  CNN, the Dalai Lama and World’s Children`s Prize singled her out as a hero. Newsweek named Betty Makoni amongst 150 women who shake the world. She is the first woman to serve as Global Ambassador for UN 19 days of Activism   for prevention of Child Abuse by Women World Summit an organisation with UN consultative status.

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